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{ Sunday, December 20, 2009 }
I know that title is insanely cheesy, but honestly? I couldn't help myself. Although I've been on my wonderful, month-long Christmas break (yes, that's right, I called it Christmas break, not "holiday," ugh) for the past week, it's been nearly as busy and stressful as when school is in session. What gives, right? However, I've finally completed the bulk of my transfer applications for college next year! The odds of me getting into my dream school are immensely in my favor, so needless to say I cannot wait to send off my application to GCSU!
Although this unforgiving, wintry weather has kept me down in the dumps lately, there was one saving grace that instantly lifted my spirits this week: the Warped Tour '10 line up announcement! Yes, the tour won't hit my beloved Atlanta until mid-July, but that doesn't hinder me from being utterly excited. Click the banner below to check out the dates and bands playing Warped this year to see if a few of your favorites are on board.
Vans Warped Tour
Although there are only a few must-see bands playing my date this year (Closure in Moscow, Sum 41, and The Rocket Summer) the entire atmosphere and energy of the day is too fun to pass up.
While on the topic of music, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've emailed a couple of up-and-coming bands to interview for the blog! If you're into indie rock, be on the lookout for a few Q&A's with on-the-rise musicians in the near future. Please comment or email me with bands you would love to see featured on the blog; I'm very open to suggestions!
Now for your free jams of the week:

Although I'm not a fan of every song on this play list, Zeus's "Marching Through Your Head" is catchy enough to make these picks worthwhile! The song's Billy Joel-esque melodies are just great. Don't believe me? Download and listen for yourself :)



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