Twitter, Much?

{ Wednesday, December 30, 2009 }
To be or not to be followed, that is indeed the question. I've had my trusty Twitter account for over a year, and have yet to reach 100 followers! What gives? Let's change that, blog friends. Follow me at! I'd love to get to know some of you blogging pros better :)

The End Of An(other) Era

{ Tuesday, December 29, 2009 }
While riding around and goofing off in the car with my friend Carrie this week, New Year's Eve plans were inevitably discussed. Suddenly, I became overwhelmed by the fact that yet another decade has slipped us by. Ten years is a big deal, and the fact that each and every one of them flew by at an astonishing rate amazes and frightens me simultaneously. I feel as though time is sand slipping through my fingers, impossible to fully grasp. Heck, I'm on the far edge of my teens already. Where has all the time gone? Upon reflecting, I've recollected the most memorable events of the last decade that have molded me into the young woman I am today. You ready for the rundown, folks?

- The untimely death of my Pekingese, Andie. I learned to cope with grief and heal my wounds after her loss.
- I learned to skate, which became a big time hobby and calorie burner!
- I had my first "real" boyfriend in 9th grade, a total disaster nonetheless, but a learning experience.
- The First Kiss, which of course transpired during a impromptu Spin The Bottle session in middle school, sigh.
- Learning true compassion and kindness through my favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. Coley.
- Realizing that my love of reading and writing could actually influence my career path.
- Finding a sense of belonging and happiness in the midst of a singing crowd at concerts. Nothing will ever compare to it.
- Learning in 10th grade that words are merely words, and the sweet-talkers never really stick around for the long haul.
- Finding one of my best friends due to out mutual love of a band. It doesn't happen every day, but when it does it's awesome.
- Learning to never seek something "better" when the what you have is golden.
- Realizing after 18 years that when I'm sad, alone, or feeling like a downright terrible person, God's love washes all the negativity away.

Though big and small, those events alone have changed me greatly over the last decade. Obviously I've matured since being 8 at the start of the new millennium, but if not for those occurrences I'd be an entirely different person. So now for those darned resolutions for 2010? I'm vowing to keep it simple and only stick to four this year, with one notably more significant than the others:

1.) Aim to make all A's next semester, and put together my writing portfolio.
2.) Complete the story I'm currently writing.
3.) Remain consistent with my Bible study, and strive to live a better, more gracious life.

What are all of your resolutions, hopes, and dreams for the next decade to come? I'd love to hear them! I hope everyone has a safe and fulfilling New Year!


Deck the Halls With Boughs of Blogging!

{ Sunday, December 20, 2009 }
I know that title is insanely cheesy, but honestly? I couldn't help myself. Although I've been on my wonderful, month-long Christmas break (yes, that's right, I called it Christmas break, not "holiday," ugh) for the past week, it's been nearly as busy and stressful as when school is in session. What gives, right? However, I've finally completed the bulk of my transfer applications for college next year! The odds of me getting into my dream school are immensely in my favor, so needless to say I cannot wait to send off my application to GCSU!
Although this unforgiving, wintry weather has kept me down in the dumps lately, there was one saving grace that instantly lifted my spirits this week: the Warped Tour '10 line up announcement! Yes, the tour won't hit my beloved Atlanta until mid-July, but that doesn't hinder me from being utterly excited. Click the banner below to check out the dates and bands playing Warped this year to see if a few of your favorites are on board.
Vans Warped Tour
Although there are only a few must-see bands playing my date this year (Closure in Moscow, Sum 41, and The Rocket Summer) the entire atmosphere and energy of the day is too fun to pass up.
While on the topic of music, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've emailed a couple of up-and-coming bands to interview for the blog! If you're into indie rock, be on the lookout for a few Q&A's with on-the-rise musicians in the near future. Please comment or email me with bands you would love to see featured on the blog; I'm very open to suggestions!
Now for your free jams of the week:

Although I'm not a fan of every song on this play list, Zeus's "Marching Through Your Head" is catchy enough to make these picks worthwhile! The song's Billy Joel-esque melodies are just great. Don't believe me? Download and listen for yourself :)


Music Elitist Statement of the Day:

{ Saturday, December 12, 2009 }
Don't people who genuinely believe that just irk you? If you're anything like me, your hand is undoubtedly raised at the moment.
The journalistic portion of my mind has been reeling lately, however, and I'm pondering the idea of conducting interviews with small and upcoming bands for this blog. I published a short Q&A with one of my favorite bands, Flying Machines, over the summer on my blog and the response was wonderful.
So, to all my faithful followers: does this idea sound appealing to you? I'd love to hear your input and musical tastes!

Thrift-tastic Monday Finds!

{ Monday, December 7, 2009 }
I'm taking a brief, not to mention much needed, break from studying for finals to share my thrifting find from today. Although the store was a tad picked over and had more summer items than winter or fall, I found this simplistic little staple among the racks. I love the blouse's texture and the quirky ruffles down the front. Even though I have tons of black in my wardrobe, I have nothing similar to this, which made me extremely satisfied for the day! Besides the shirt, I pick up Jem's album Finally Woken and The Fray's How to Save a Life; for a dollar each! Not to mention I also snagged Stephen King's thriller, Desperation, for a buck as well. It looks like my Christmas break is bound to be full of good reads and new music :)
-Shirt- Clothes Less Traveled ($3, yes I know!)
-Belt- Borrowed from my mom, vintage.
-Silver necklace- Urban Outfitters
-Bracelet- Vintage

Oh, Urban Outfitters. Stop Being So Good To Us.

{ }
That's right, it's Music Monday over at Urban Outfitters once again, and I thought I'd spread the goodness!

I love their free weekly music, which is almost always right up my alley, taste-wise. From this week's picks, I especially like Surfer Blood's boppy "Swim," although the entire sampler is enjoyable.
I already feel so accomplished today! Since I don't have class due to finals starting tomorrow, I've already studied a bit, gotten the next 1,000 words of my short story written, and written this blog. Not to mention, stumbled upon some pretty great music. Mondays aren't so bad after all, now are they?
I'm going out and about with my mom later, which should be fun. I'm stopping by the library to pick up some new Stephen King to read. I've never had the guts to crack open Pet Semetary, but I think it's about time to. Hah! I'm stopping by Clothes Less Traveled after that, since they have bargain sales on Monday. I have a feeling this is going to be a great week, and I hope the same happens for all of you :)


By George, I Think I've Got It!

{ }
The writing bug, that is. Upon finishing Stephen King's utterly amazing book On Writing, I've been itching to get something, anything, down on paper. After I took a few minutes to unwind from work and clear my head of the intense studying I took part in tonight, I got to typing. Approximately 1001 words later, I can say I'm very satisfied with the grassroots of a story that has a lot of potential. According to King, I should strive for 1,000 words a day, everyday. With my month-long break coming up, I don't see any obstacles between me and my trusty laptop.
Also according to King, I should be actively reading as well. Thank goodness I've already got a gameplan for this Christmas break of mine, wouldn't want it to go to waste :)


Let's Play Catch Up, Shall We?

{ Saturday, December 5, 2009 }
Confession? I've missed my darling little blogger pals! With my first round of finals coming up next week, I've been stressed to the hilt. Luckily, I've decided this entire weekend belongs to me and me only. My quest for the perfect GPA this semester has really been weighing on me. Intense studying has only left me feeling more stressed and anxious, not confident. So, I'm here to take a break! One of my most favorite things to do while relaxing and having "me time" is reading. Although some despise reading and view it as anything but pleasurable, I can't get enough. I've been thumbing through Stephen King's On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, and find it insanely insightful and witty. I've found his commentary on the rules of grammar and plot structure of fiction very helpful and interesting. To any aspiring writer reading this: get your little mitts on a copy of this gem!

With my month-long Christmas Break coming up in less than a week, my great friend Carrie and I have been planning some exciting shopping trips! One of which is to a vintage and secondhand clothing store in Atlanta called Clothing By The Pound. Basically, the store functions exactly how it sounds. You search the racks for what you like, your finds are weighed at the register, and you pay an affordable, set price per pound of gently used duds. I cannot wait! My love of thrifting is so immense that I decided to put together an outfit entirely composed of thrifted or handmade items. The result?

Unfortunately, my fish eye lens failed me once again and cut out my sweet, patent leather, peep toe flats, sigh. However, for the parts of my ensemble you can see:

-Striped cardigan- Rag-O-Rama, Atlanta
-Yellow shirt with over sized buttons- Clothes Less Traveled
-Black, high-waisted pencil skirt- Clothes Less Traveled
-Yellow skinny belt- Wellspring Thrift
-Black scarf- Handmade, by mom :)
-The evading shoes- Rag-O-Rama, Atlanta

Needless to say, there will be an in-depth thrifting review after our trip to Clothing By The Pound!
Lately, I've fallen in love again with my iPod. For some odd reason, I've reverted back to listening to the bands I adored during my junior year of high school. Why junior year? The world may never know. However, I've decided to share the little band collage I have on my wall, which will undoubtedly come along with me when I move into a dorm next fall.

Fortunately, my musical taste hasn't strayed far from what it was a little over two years ago. I still love Motion City Soundtrack and Say Anything. I once interviewed the twin brothers, Jake and Jeff Turner, of Say Anything for my high school's newspaper since they were alumni. Just a little informational aside there :) It's also crazy to think of how some of these bands have grown since I compiled this little mecca of mine. For starters, Cobra Starship has completely and utterly blown up. It's surreal to go from seeing them in a small crowd to hearing them routinely played every hour and a half on a major radio station. I'm happy for Gabe 'n the gang, in a bittersweet way. Between the Trees has also gained a fair amount of popularity, although they're still fairly indie, in my opinion. The first time I saw them, the band was fresh out of high school. Now they've been played on MTVU and the sky's the limit :)

Alright, enough with my musical ranting! I could honestly go on for hours on end. I hope all my sweet readers have a wonderful weekend, and an even better week ahead of them. Update me on your lives, will you?