Free Download Friday! November 6, 2009.

{ Friday, November 6, 2009 }
Ah, it's the most promising day of the week once again, isn't it? I just realized that I didn't post any free music last Friday; my apologies! This past week has been full of school, stress, and intensive study sessions. However, my week was possibly made yesterday afternoon when my English teacher stopped me on my way out of class and broke the wonderful news that she wrote a recommendation for me to enroll in Honors English for next semester. I'm incredibly excited; the rigorous writing has paid off. Not to mention the news undoubtedly boosted my literary confidence just a smidgen!
Anyhow, here are my top 3 music selections for this week. They're all happily filed away on my iPod :)

1.) Jonas Sees In Color- "Loose Threads"I'll admit, I've heard about Jonas Sees In Color for some time now, but never actually given them a listen! Thankfully, I did today and was completely stunned. I'm a sucker for any song with piano-playing, which makes "Loose Threads" particularly great.
Download "Loose Threads"

2.) The Swell Season- "In These Arms"A beautiful, soothing song with even greater lyrics. If you've seen the movie Once, you'll know why this duo is completely unstoppable.
Download "In These Arms"

3.) Tegan and Sara- "Hell"

The talented twin sisters are back with a new single, which I can't stop listening to! I don't know if it's the boppy guitar beat or the lively lyrics, but something about "Hell" is quite endearing.
Download "Hell"

I found all of these MP3 selections on To download, you may be required to create an Amazon user account. No need to be discouraged, though! It's quick, easy, and pain free. You'll be on the route to musical bliss in no time.



Lexie said...

i LOVE tegan and sara! their new cd is fantastic.

Claire said...

I cannot wait to hear the swell season's entire album, Once was fantastic!

yiqin; said...

I must check them out :D

indigotangerine said...

Oooh the swell season! J'adore! While the movie itself was ehhh, the music was fantastic

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