If Life Was A Movie...

{ Monday, October 12, 2009 }
Recently I've been having insanely vivid dreams. Dreams that depict specific locations, times, and events in my life. Did I also mention that they include an entirely random subconscious soundtrack? Indeed, they do. Upon waking up and rolling out of my comfy bed this morning, I was inspired to build upon that soundtrack and create one that would fit perfectly into a movie of my average, everyday life. The result? An irrevocably infectious and quirky mix tape I concocted this afternoon: Track listing:
1.) I'm Alive!- Sunbears!
2.) Crooked Teeth- Death Cab For Cutie
3.) We've Got Company- Civalias
4.) Dumpster Diving- Castledoor
5.) Flathead- The Fratellis
6.) The Coldest Heart- The Classic Crime
7.) Chasing Pavements- Adele
8.) Flaming Arrows- Jupiter One
9.) 1901- Phoenix

Fortunately, after hours of scouring the internet, I compiled the entire play list that is up to listen here http://www.imeem.com/people/c3Rfqbn/playlist/MJHZ4y8E/personal-soundtrack-music-playlist/; it's pretty rewarding and dance-worthy :)


carlos said...

Castledoor - Dumpster Diving = soooo awesome


Lost @ Sea

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