Free Download Friday! October 16, 2009.

{ Friday, October 16, 2009 }
So, I've decided that since my regular followers on here are totally awesome, you guys deserve something in return for being so sweet and dedicated about reading and giving feedback on my blog! That's where Free Download Friday comes in. From here on out, I'll upload 3 completely free, 100% legal, and undeniably kickin' MP3s of my choice, every Friday. Drum roll, please? I present you with my first 3 picks:

1.) Roman Candle- "They Say"
This song basically made me want to go for a drive with the top down. I don't even own a convertible. Will it do the same to you?

2.) The Raveonettes- "Last Dance"I'll admit, I'm usually not a fan of musical acts with a female singer. I can't explain why, but I just...don't. However, The Raveonettes are one of the few exceptions. "Last Dance" is a song that simply makes me happy, and is a track off of their newest album In and Out of Control.
"Last Dance" MP3

3.) Noah and the Whale- "Blue Skies (Remix)"

I love, love, love remixes! Name a good song; I'll most likely have the remix of it stashed away on my iPod. "Blue Skies" is especially great remixed, hopefully you'll agree!
"Blue Skies (Remix)" MP3

You can find all of these great songs, along with many others, uploaded at Paste Magazine's website, here.
Happy downloading! :)



Emily said...

ahhh i love music :)

Emily said...

thanks for your comment :) i downloaded the songs -- they're all so good!

technosunshine said...


great music!!! i like your taste

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