Bittersweet October: "Autumn Is A Second Spring Where Every Leaf Is A Flower"

{ Sunday, October 25, 2009 }
With the russet leaves falling like a constant downpour and reminder that fall is here, I thought what better way to spend a Sunday than outdoors? My boyfriend Leighton and I woke up early (a rare feat for me, especially!) and ventured on over to our favorite local nature trail. It was so breathtaking today with the slight breeze and cloudless skies; perfection. I was tinkering around on FFFFOUND! (yes, I'm obsessed!) later on this afternoon and found this illustration, with a message that completely described my day, which reads "our love will conquer this forest."

The remainder of our heart to heart with nature consisted of laughing, nearly getting lost, attempting to arabesque across water, and random picture taking. All the little ingredients that make for a wonderfully fulfilling day.



Lexie said...

awwwww! i love the fall photos!

also i think leighton is an awesome name.

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