Summer Hair, Forever Young.

{ Thursday, August 6, 2009 }
As my transition summer between high school and college life comes to a close, I'd like to reflect upon the simply amazing and unforgettable times I've had during these past two months. From driving around with friends just because we could, to attending an abundant amount of concerts, this summer has definitely been rewarding and memorable. Heck, even starting this blog was an adventure all on it's own! I've opened many new doors and connected with incredible people; most importantly, I've fallen back in love with writing. So, care to see a smorgasbord of my summer? The Beach
Naples, Florida was beautiful! Aside from the 12 hour drive and excessive amount of sunbathing senior citizens hogging the sand, I had a great time with my family. I came home with a tan and new seashells, who could possibly ask for more?
The Boyfriend
This summer really brought my boyfriend, Leighton, and I much closer to each other. We reached many milestones together; graduating high school, celebrating our year and a half anniversary, and preparing to attend college together in the fall. We have a strong relationship, I'm very lucky :)

The Baseball Game
What's better than getting to shop in Atlanta all day, watching a Braves game, and seeing The All-American Rejects for free? Well, not much. I had so much fun with my friend Carrie singing along and dancing to the band, that in the midst of it all I got cast up on the jumbotron at the stadium! Pretty cool, if you ask me.
The Bands
How darn lucky was I to get to experience three great concerts, all in the same week! Between Jason Mraz, Warped Tour, and Green Day, I really can't tell who my favorite was. If I had to name a crowd-pleaser off the top of my head though, the title would have to go to Forever The Sickest Kids. They kept the crowd going throughout their entire set, and were super nice guys to meet. What a memorable week I had!

So, overall, I'm completely satisfied with my summer. Sure, I didn't quite reach a few of the goals I had set for myself, such as learning how to play guitar and reading a book a week, but I made memories and friends that I'll always remember. I feel like I can go to college in the fall feeling accomplished and a better person. Who could possibly be unhappy with that feeling, c'mon!



Anonymous said...

GAH!! I'm so glad to hear about your summer!! I can't wait to catch up! You rock! I wish you the best of luck at college!!! :)


Lilee said...

lovely pics!

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