Planes, Trains, Automobiles...and Flying Machines.

{ Sunday, August 2, 2009 }
Rarely do I ever stumble upon a band that I immediately immerse my ears into. Flying Machines, however, is such an exception that I felt compelled to write a feature on them. Their genius concoction of melodic indie rock is completely infectious; once you start listening you won't want to stop. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing their lead guitarist, John Wlaysewski.
Hailing from New York, New York, the quartet consisting of guitarist Wlaysewski, front man/vocalist and pianist William R. George, bassist Evan Joyce, and drummer Ken Weisbach formed in February of 2006. Fate stepped in when William R. George was trying out to play bass for a band Wlaysewski was in. "When I heard his voice I KNEW that there was a new band that needed forming, with him on lead vocals...and Flying Machines was formed," said Wlaysewki.
Like any successful and imaginative band, Flying Machines makes sure to draw influences from several different genres of music, new and old alike. Classic rock such as Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, and Black Sabbath are a few of the band's main sources of inspiration, which Wlaysewki describes as "dirty, heavy, and visceral." They also rely on more upbeat, melodic artists such as Billy Joel and Keane to perfect their unique breed of indie rock. Enjoying a wide variety of music suits the band, and according to Wlaysewki, "when we tour around I burn CD's and they are super eclectic to make everyone in the van happy!"
Over the last three years, Flying Machines have made many major accomplishments, such as getting signed to the Meteor17/EMI label and having Spencer Proffer as their manager. "Spencer is tireless and amazing at his job, has gotten a lot of opportunities in our corner,and has put us in front of a lot of people," said Wlaysewki.
At the pace Flying Machines is currently rising, the sky's the limit. The dedicated musicians of the band have goals and dreams for the future, which they hope to fulfill over the next couple of years. Wlaysewki gave insight into those aspirations saying, "In five years I hope we are on our 3rd CD, touring, and living off of music exclusively! This is what I want to do for the rest of my life; live the dream of being in a great band!"
Flying Machines' new album drops this fall on September 22. In the mean time become their fan on Facebook, and be sure to check out all the catchy tunes they currently have to offer! Psst, I recommend "On a Whim"!

- Lindsay


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