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{ Friday, August 7, 2009 }
Ever get insanely frustrated with the same 'ol songs cluttering up your iPod? Feel like giving your ears a much-needed play list of fresh music to indulge in? That's where comes in, providing it's members with an oven-fresh batch of new music daily. What are the perks of signing up for a free user account on the site, you may ask? For starters, you'll get unlimited access to the free, streaming music on the site. You'll also have access to message boards to connect with other members and chat about your favorite tunes. The coolest feature of thesixtyone, however, is the ability for you to "discover" artists and songs and ultimately gain points toward your "rep". The more songs you stream, rate, and comment on, the more points you'll earn towards your musical reputation. Obviously, a high reputation makes you look pretty dang cool to the other users.
Surprisingly, a vast majority of the songs posted by artists are available for free download. That's pretty hard to resist! Another great feature of thesixtyone is the ability to narrow your musical preferences to specific genres, such as indie or electronica.
This ingenious site has saved me so much time by literally throwing new and underground music right in front of me; I'm hooked! Take two minutes to set up your own account on thesixtyone, your headphones will thanks you later, I assure you.


John W said...

It is awesome!!!!

indigotangerine said...

sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out. I'm always on the lookout for new music

Jowy said...

Definitly gonna check it out! thnx for the tip!

One Love,

nick c said...

thanks for the heads up. i used to read zines and stuff for new bands, but now i'm pretty lame. about once ever few months i'll go to bands i really like's myspace pages or webpages and check out who they tour with (provided they aren't big label and get to choose) or who their friends are...and word of mouth. not amazing, i know. but i have had a little luck with -- i run their client on my computer so they keep track of what i listen to and then they make recommendations. they actually aren't bad. other times i've had luck listening to certain bands 'radio' mewithoutyou or for them on and you'll get a mewithoutyou song ever once in a while and mostly good stuff in between, much of which i hadn't heard of last time i tried.

anyway...thanks for writing! i'm nick see on flickr. that is how i ended up here.

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