Fall Is Swirling Around Us All.

{ Wednesday, August 26, 2009 }
As the dog days of August are finally coming to a close, I've taken a few moments out of my day to really think about all of the awesome things I have to look forward to in the near future. Not only will the tolerable, 65-degree-with-a-light-breeze weather be ideal for taking walks through the crunchy, russet leaves in, but mid-September will also mark my first month as a college student. Besides personal accolades, there are also tons of shows, album releases, and movies that I'm bouncing off of my seat to experience! All of which will be throughly reviewed and blogged, nonetheless.
For starters, I'm going to see All Time Low this coming weekend. A great way to bid adieu to August, right? As if things couldn't get better in my concert-going sector of life, Between the Trees is coming back to town on the 10th. Having seen them multiple times over the past three years, it's safe to say that they are one of the most dedicated and talented bands around. They'll be promoting and playing new songs off of their new album, Spain, which just recently dropped. The single "We Can Try" has been featured on MTV.com. It's so strange watching a band in a crowd of twenty and then seeing them on, debatably, the most influencial music channel of our time. Be sure to find out more about BTT at: http://www.betweenthetrees.net/
Futhermore in music news, Flying Machines' self-titled album drops September 22! For all of my faithful readers, you're all very aware of the fact that I completely dig this band. They are phenomenal, without a doubt, and have nothing but great success awaiting them, if you ask me. The upcoming release is available for pre-order through Best Buy at: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=9496654&st=flying+machines&lp=1&type=product&cp=1&id=2018603. I'm so incredibly excited for this album. It's something I'll be able to jam to all fall long and never get tired of; something that is extremely rare to come by these days.
Last but not least, a movie of epic proportions that needs to hit the silver screen faster! Youth In Revolt, starring the meek and mild Michael Cera. Honestly, who doesn't like the kid? The entire concept of the movie is genious, yet hilarious all the same. Between love and rejection, the creation of a devious alter-ego, and becoming the target of a full-blown manhunt, Cera will certainly reveal to us his clandestine, rebellious side this fall!

You Make My Dreams Come True.

{ Saturday, August 15, 2009 }
I'm proud to confess that I finally, finally saw (500) Days of Summer! Actually, twice within the course of 24 hours. It was all that I had expected and more; the genius pairing of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was nothing short of amazing. Since the majority of my readers have already seen the utterly endearing film, I'm only going to elaborate upon my hands-down, most favorite scene of the entire film. Drum roll, please? Tom's (Levitt) boppy, 80's infused dance on his daily walk to work! Complete with a bluebird propped upon his shoulder and Hall & Oats as his soundtrack, of course. Why can't we each have our own little day like this, with that extra little pep in our step? Ladies and gentlemen, please experience the magic yourselves.

- Lindsay :)

I Have Movie Madness, Seriously.

{ Thursday, August 13, 2009 }
Why does it seem like the amazing-looking movies are always, always released around the same time? It's just the theater's way of practicing some good 'ol capitalism, if you ask me! Anyhow, I was clicking around on Rotten Tomatoes last night, and had to share a few stand-out cinematic up-and-comers that look extremely promising.
Without a doubt, Paper Heart, starring the king of indie, Michael Cera alongside Charlyne Yi, is already earning itself rave reviews, however, has not reached the silver screens near my town. Disheartening, but I'm determined to see it as soon as humanly possible. The idea of a mockumentary that turns into a love story completely compels me, not to mention the off-beat and hilarious movie trailers floating around for the film.
The next film that tops my must-see list is New York, I Love You. It's interesting concept, short segments of film depicting the lives of diverse people in the city and showing how they coincidentally intertwine, combined with an all-star cast consisting of crowd pleasers like Natalie Portman and Shia LaBeouf completes the equation for an undeniably satisfying movie. It is set to hit theaters in mid-October; it's going to be difficult to wait this one out!

Be sure to check out both of the official theatrical trailers for the films on Youtube.

So tell me. What movies are you most excited to see this fall? Post it in a comment; I'll check it out! :)

Current Interweb Obsession: TheSixtyOne.com

{ Friday, August 7, 2009 }
Ever get insanely frustrated with the same 'ol songs cluttering up your iPod? Feel like giving your ears a much-needed play list of fresh music to indulge in? That's where http://www.thesixtyone.com/ comes in, providing it's members with an oven-fresh batch of new music daily. What are the perks of signing up for a free user account on the site, you may ask? For starters, you'll get unlimited access to the free, streaming music on the site. You'll also have access to message boards to connect with other members and chat about your favorite tunes. The coolest feature of thesixtyone, however, is the ability for you to "discover" artists and songs and ultimately gain points toward your "rep". The more songs you stream, rate, and comment on, the more points you'll earn towards your musical reputation. Obviously, a high reputation makes you look pretty dang cool to the other users.
Surprisingly, a vast majority of the songs posted by artists are available for free download. That's pretty hard to resist! Another great feature of thesixtyone is the ability to narrow your musical preferences to specific genres, such as indie or electronica.
This ingenious site has saved me so much time by literally throwing new and underground music right in front of me; I'm hooked! Take two minutes to set up your own account on thesixtyone, your headphones will thanks you later, I assure you.

Summer Hair, Forever Young.

{ Thursday, August 6, 2009 }
As my transition summer between high school and college life comes to a close, I'd like to reflect upon the simply amazing and unforgettable times I've had during these past two months. From driving around with friends just because we could, to attending an abundant amount of concerts, this summer has definitely been rewarding and memorable. Heck, even starting this blog was an adventure all on it's own! I've opened many new doors and connected with incredible people; most importantly, I've fallen back in love with writing. So, care to see a smorgasbord of my summer? The Beach
Naples, Florida was beautiful! Aside from the 12 hour drive and excessive amount of sunbathing senior citizens hogging the sand, I had a great time with my family. I came home with a tan and new seashells, who could possibly ask for more?
The Boyfriend
This summer really brought my boyfriend, Leighton, and I much closer to each other. We reached many milestones together; graduating high school, celebrating our year and a half anniversary, and preparing to attend college together in the fall. We have a strong relationship, I'm very lucky :)

The Baseball Game
What's better than getting to shop in Atlanta all day, watching a Braves game, and seeing The All-American Rejects for free? Well, not much. I had so much fun with my friend Carrie singing along and dancing to the band, that in the midst of it all I got cast up on the jumbotron at the stadium! Pretty cool, if you ask me.
The Bands
How darn lucky was I to get to experience three great concerts, all in the same week! Between Jason Mraz, Warped Tour, and Green Day, I really can't tell who my favorite was. If I had to name a crowd-pleaser off the top of my head though, the title would have to go to Forever The Sickest Kids. They kept the crowd going throughout their entire set, and were super nice guys to meet. What a memorable week I had!

So, overall, I'm completely satisfied with my summer. Sure, I didn't quite reach a few of the goals I had set for myself, such as learning how to play guitar and reading a book a week, but I made memories and friends that I'll always remember. I feel like I can go to college in the fall feeling accomplished and a better person. Who could possibly be unhappy with that feeling, c'mon!


Planes, Trains, Automobiles...and Flying Machines.

{ Sunday, August 2, 2009 }
Rarely do I ever stumble upon a band that I immediately immerse my ears into. Flying Machines, however, is such an exception that I felt compelled to write a feature on them. Their genius concoction of melodic indie rock is completely infectious; once you start listening you won't want to stop. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing their lead guitarist, John Wlaysewski.
Hailing from New York, New York, the quartet consisting of guitarist Wlaysewski, front man/vocalist and pianist William R. George, bassist Evan Joyce, and drummer Ken Weisbach formed in February of 2006. Fate stepped in when William R. George was trying out to play bass for a band Wlaysewski was in. "When I heard his voice I KNEW that there was a new band that needed forming, with him on lead vocals...and Flying Machines was formed," said Wlaysewki.
Like any successful and imaginative band, Flying Machines makes sure to draw influences from several different genres of music, new and old alike. Classic rock such as Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, and Black Sabbath are a few of the band's main sources of inspiration, which Wlaysewki describes as "dirty, heavy, and visceral." They also rely on more upbeat, melodic artists such as Billy Joel and Keane to perfect their unique breed of indie rock. Enjoying a wide variety of music suits the band, and according to Wlaysewki, "when we tour around I burn CD's and they are super eclectic to make everyone in the van happy!"
Over the last three years, Flying Machines have made many major accomplishments, such as getting signed to the Meteor17/EMI label and having Spencer Proffer as their manager. "Spencer is tireless and amazing at his job, has gotten a lot of opportunities in our corner,and has put us in front of a lot of people," said Wlaysewki.
At the pace Flying Machines is currently rising, the sky's the limit. The dedicated musicians of the band have goals and dreams for the future, which they hope to fulfill over the next couple of years. Wlaysewki gave insight into those aspirations saying, "In five years I hope we are on our 3rd CD, touring, and living off of music exclusively! This is what I want to do for the rest of my life; live the dream of being in a great band!"
Flying Machines' new album drops this fall on September 22. In the mean time become their fan on Facebook, and be sure to check out all the catchy tunes they currently have to offer! Psst, I recommend "On a Whim"!

- Lindsay