Your Voice Was The Soundtrack Of My Summer.

{ Wednesday, July 22, 2009 }

I've long outgrown Boys Like Girls, but I've always remained a steadfast fan of that particular line. As the unmistakable magic of summer is slowly fading, I've tried my very best to hold onto it by compiling a well-thought-out playlist of songs that I continually played on repeat for hours on end over the last two months; for your listening pleasure, of course! These are the kind of songs that make me want to slop on some sunscreen, grab my aviators, and hoof it down to the beach. Ready, set, listen:

- "Meat Market"- Everybody Else
- "Where Do We Go?"- Sandrine
- "Young San Francisco"- Boy In Static
- "Fireflies"- Owl City
- "Skipping Stepping Stones"- Castledoor
- "Weightless"- All Time Low
- "Viva La Gloria!"- Green Day
- "Better Together"- Jack Johnson
- "Mr. Pitiful"- Matt Costa
- "The Way We Get By"- Spoon

Happy listening! -Lindsay


Torrie said...

I love owl city! they make me sooo happy

and i trust your music taste so im going to get those songs. im sure ill dig them

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