Inspired: Zooey Deschanel.

{ Friday, July 17, 2009 }
Who doesn't absolutely adore Zooey these days, anyway? Besides being in radtastic flicks like Elf, Failure to Launch, and my personal favorite, The Go-Getter, she's starring in one of the most anticipated films coming out this month, 500 Days of Summer. Besides the fact that she's an excellent actress with her quick wit and inherent indie flair, she's got an uncannily unique sense of style as well! Zooey's style is all about bright colors, fun sundresses, bold prints, and simply having fun with what she's wearing and making it her own, signature look. I'll admit it, I've been inspired!
I've found myself wearing more and more fun and flirty sundresses, looking for vintage pumps while on my thifting sprees, and pairing together fruity color combinations that I'd never thought of before. Her style seems effortless and fun, and I adore that.
In the past week, I've watched all of her films that I hadn't seen before, and loved each and every one of them. I honestly think we're dealing with one of Hollywood's most underrated actresses here. Not many people in the spotlight stay true to themselves, but Zooey certainly has. From her heartwarming movie roles to her laugh-out-loud talk show interviews, the sarcastic and cunning 29-year-old always stays grounded, humble, and ever-so-witty.
Check here to see when 500 Days of Summer will be opening in a city near you!


Torrie said...

shes so cute and put together. I definitely need to watch more of her movies, shes amazing

oh and i love zee blog, girlie

Vince. said...

Zooey is so cute. Have you watched Gigantic?

Lindsay. Out. Loud said...

Torrie: SAME! She's wonderful, I'm so glad she's finally getting the notoriety that she fully deserves. Watch The Go-Getter, it's so cute and different! :)

Vince: I've been looking everywhere for Gigantic, but can't seem to find it! No online movie watching sites are hosting it :( I did watch the trailer for it a few nights ago though, and the little baby in it looks adorable and the plot seems very interesting :)

Bookish.Spazz said...

ahh I love Zooey! She is so talented and cool! Gigantic is good, and have you listened to her music? She and Him (the band) is really great.

Lindsay. Out. Loud said...

Bookish: I know! Isn't she? Goodness. I got the CD from iTunes a while back, I love it :)

miss jordan. said...

Wow she is so cute! I always admired her acting however but you make me want to look more into her.

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