I Really Just Can't Get Enough of Atlanta, Can I?

{ Wednesday, July 22, 2009 }
The verdict? Correct! My family and I ventured up to Atlanta (the second time this week for me, score!) to shop around Atlantic Station and treat ourselves to a delectable dessert at the swanky Sundial Lounge located atop the Weston hotel in the heart of downtown. Unfortunately, Atlantic Station was a bit of a letdown, personally. I loved the hustle and bustle of the upscale, yuppie-infested community, however, I didn't come across a single got-to-have-it item while shopping...not even in H&M! Such a shocking confession to hear from a girl like me, I know.Luckily, I did discover a new coffee and tea hang out, Cafe Nineteen, which was very luxurious and not to mention had efficient service tasty tea!
Our experience at the Sundial was a true adventure, to say the very least. My boyfriend, Leighton, who is deathly afraid of heights, was a complete laugh on the elevator ride all 72 stories up to the lounge. Once we reached our tip-top destination, we took in the great view of Metropolitan Atlanta that the panoramic windows had to offer. Pretty impressive, if you ask me!
While my sister and Leighton gazed out into infinity and beyond, I explored the modern architecture of the lounge. I found the clean lines and wood structures extremely appealing to the eye. I absolutely adore modern art, architecture, decorating...anything clean, simple, and spherical. The greatest aspect of the Sundial though? It rotates!
As we dined and enjoyed our succulent sweets, we were presented with the entire 360 degree view of Atlanta at its best. I ordered cheesecake, drizzled with butterscotch, and topped with fresh, crimson strawberries. Oh, and a side of vanilla bean ice cream. Hey! I had a healthy salad for lunch, you can't blame me for caving into my deep, dark sugar cravings every now and then!
Overall, the trip was a success and a great way to spend a Tuesday in the city! We drove past the High Museum of Art before merging onto the interstate, and I'm determined to go art-gazing before the summer is over! It feels like time is slipping through my fingers like sand; there are so many more things I want to experience before going to school in the fall. I have some catching up to do!



Bookish.Spazz said...

That's so cool! In San Antonio there's also a rotating restaurant, but it's mainly a dinner place, so when you're up there you can see the city all lit up. It's too bad you couldn't find anything cool while you were out.

LML said...

i from outside atl too! and have been needing to go to atlantic station for a while - its been too long since ive been... i really need to go to ikea! but i will check out those cafes as well :)

Umi-San said...

Urg, i swear H&M is starting to loose its flair! I was actually at H&M a while ago and didnt find anything either, im starting to think its a U.S. H&M epidemic. Anyways, I dont think i have ever been to Atlanta (to explore), but you have deff inspired me to go visit this coffee (cafe) hot spot! The cheese cake looks del'ish!

By the way the interior picture all the way at the top of your entry,(im guessing that's the inside of the cafe) really reminds me of Urban outfitters, i think its the chandelier.

Lexie said...

that dessert looks so delicious!

i love atlanta - i'm from tennessee and sometimes my friends and i take day trips to atlanta to go shopping in the lenox mall!

Romeika said...

The dessert with strawberries looks sooo yummy!

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