Flick Pick: The Go-Getter

{ Sunday, July 12, 2009 }

I stumbled upon this indie gem in a local pawn shop. Yes, I am a total wimp and was scared to go into the pawn shop, but I'm so glad I did. Tons of DVDs lined the walls, too many rows deep to even see what all was there. Each one, only $2 each. Score! This one jumped out at me immediately.
I've got to be honest. At first, I was very skeptical of this film. Like many movies that turn out to be phenomenal, The Go-Getter started out slow and mysterious. I had to hang onto every minute detail and word to figure out why Mercer, the lead character, had planned his "road trip". After stealing Kate's (Zooey Deschanel) car to embark on his journey, Mercer gets a call from her, on her own cell phone which was left in the car, asking him why he stole the car. Throughout his trip, he receives numerous calls from Kate, only to find himself becoming more and more attached to her. It was a quirky and unconventional type of love story, one that is a fresh breath of air compared to the other predictable, romantic comedies that are somehow breaking the box office. Not to mention, the soundtrack was also wonderful and featured M. Ward.
Do yourself a favor and make an effort to find and watch this movie. It'll leave you smiling and remembering that love is always there when you least expect it.


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