Confession: I Love Back to School Shopping More Than I Humanly Should.

{ Sunday, July 12, 2009 }
Ah, -sigh of relief-. Admitting your problem is the first step to recovery, right? Thankfully I haven't been doing as much shopping for the fall as my friends have. I'm living at home for the first two years of my college life, and I'm not even that upset about it. Who'd be upset about saving $20,000, right? Anyway, I went shopping for some school supplies today and had the best time. There's just something about new pencils and spiral notebooks that makes me smile, hah! And of course, my fall wardrobe is slowly, but surely, coming together. So, here's a little collage of what mid-August has in store for me. I'm. Pumped.
I wish I could say I was bringing home that adorable puppy, but it's just wishful thinking! I know I'll be living off of green tea for those all-nighter study sessions, there's no denying it. Obviously, the I-just-rolled-out-bed-and-I'm-coming-to-class-this-way look isn't exactly my idea of college wear. I love the idea of high waisted skirts that are still wearable for the fall. Pair one with a simple tee and a bright, fitted cardigan and you're good to go! I just recently found those black moccasins for $10. Excuse me, but I have to say it...score!
I'm in love with my new Dell laptop. It's honestly comparable to a Mac, which is supposedly the God of all computers. Eh, who knows.



kelsea said...

aaaahhhhh bts shopping is always a blasttt
and btw i love the quote you have on your header

erinn171717 said...

girl! you are way too cute! love your blog. wish i wasn't too lazy otherwise i would have oneee!

i found you on teenvogue and cant wait to keep reading

love back to school shopping it's my fave!
and i'm 18 as well, where do you go to school, or where are you going in fallll?!

ps. i have your mug in your header thing.. those are the best mugs!

<3 erin

Lindsay. Out. Loud said...

Kelsea- Thank you! I've always held that quote close to me, I really like it :)

Erin- I'm glad you enjoy it! For day one, I've really liked this :) You should try to commit to a blog, it took me years to, hah! I'm going to a small college called Gordon in the Fall, how about you?

erinn171717 said...

wellll i used to blog but then i broke my camera, got a new one and my dog ate the connector thing for the computer!

sooo that was the end of that!
haahh im going to a school called Elon in the fall its in north carolina :)

Lindsay. Out. Loud said...

Oh no! Haha, well hopefully someday you'll get into it again :)
That sounds great, I hope you have a good time out there!

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