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{ Monday, July 20, 2009 }
On my adventure in Little 5 Points over the weekend, I went into an organic foods mart, which just made me love this little awesome village even more simply by existing, and bought some much-needed green tea (I'm a self-proclaimed addict to the stuff, remember?). To my surprise, there was a quote inscribed under the bottle cap that really struck a chord in me. See if it does the same to you in any way. "Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many." -Unknown.
I'll admit, in the words of Motion City Soundtrack- the future freaks me out. I'm going to college in the fall, taking on new challenges, and holding a lot more responsibility upon my shoulders. I feel like in a way, I've been dreading growing older. This quote inspires me to savor every day I am awarded, bask in the sun of youthfulness, and take what life throws at me as it comes. In many countries around the world, the life expectancy is 40 years old. In America, we're almost guaranteed double that amount, but many of us stop truly living life when troubles knock us down upon our knees. I promise you all; that will never be me.



Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful quote and wonderfully mature of you to realize what you have.

And green tea is love.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Wow, thats a really good quote.

Lisa said...

That is such a great quote and a good reminder to be thankful!

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