It's A Wild, Wild Warped.

{ Friday, July 31, 2009 }
Ask me why I think attending Van's Warped Tour is such a summer staple, and it may take me a while to give you an exact answer. Maybe it's the ever-lingering scent of smoke in the air, the enthusiastic crowds, or the unavoidable sunburn I carry home with me. Or quite possibly, the great bands that are guaranteed to be playing. I attended the 15th annual Warped in Atlanta this past Tuesday and had a blast! It was my second year in a row going, and my friends and I have unanimously decided that it will become our summer ritual from here on out. Although there weren't as many bands playing this year that I was a fan of, I still saw tons of live performances and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. Saosin, my must-see band of the day, played early in the morning, luckily! I loved their set, and quickly jogged over to their meet and greet line to get my Warped program signed and meet the guys behind the music. After a 45 minute wait, I finally met the band, got some pictures, and walked away with a nicely signed program. Score! Over the course of the day I also saw the latest crunkcore sensation 3OH!3, The White Tie Affair, A Day To Remember, Bayside, Chiodos, You Me and Everyone We Know, and had the awesome opportunity to watch and meet Forever the Sickest Kids. Overall, the day was non-stop awesomeness. That is, until 8 p.m rolled around. Before we knew it, a harsh wind had kick up, merch tents went flying, and a herd of thousands was hustling their way to seek refuge under the main amphitheater of the venue. Some scared, some laughing it off, and some of us tempted to break dance in the rain, we all found a seat in the amphitheater in hopes of enjoying the closing band of the day, All Time Low. In all aspects of the phrase; the show must go on! The bands were very behind schedule, so regrettably, I ventured on home to shower away the sweat of fellow moshers and rest my feet. Bring it on, Warped '10!

Oh, You're Wonderful Mr. A-Z.

{ Tuesday, July 28, 2009 }
First off, I appologize for the lack of exciting updates! I can't complain too much however, since my week has consisted of awesome concerts thus far :) Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I simply adore Jason Mraz. Not only is he an amazing and imaginative songwriter, the best of recent times in my opinion, but also a philanthropic soul with a refreshing, positive outlook on life. I was lucky enough to see him live for the second time on Monday. When we arrived at the venue, I spotted some really interesting mirrors, only to look closer and see that they had inspirational messages written on them. How great would it be to have a mirror like this in our rooms, just to make us feel a bit more confident everyday? The Plain White T's and G. Love were the openers of the show, and were pretty decent about connecting with the crowd. At 9 o'clock right on the dot, my main man, Jason Mraz, took the stage! He opened his set by singing the song which initially earned him recognition, The Remedy, which he modified into a more reggae-sounding, island melody. For the remainder of the evening he played many mellow tracks off of his latest album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things., such as Lucky, Coyotes, and of course, I'm Yours. Whenever I have the pleasure of attending the concert of an accomplished musician such as Mraz, the ending is always bittersweet. When you connect with an artist's words so much, and immensely appreciate what they have contributed to the music world, their grand finale song is quite hard to swallow. Nevertheless, I shrugged myself out of my seat, headed back home, and smiled all the while remembering how great of a time I had that night. Do yourself a favor and catch Jason Mraz on his Gratitude Cafe tour!
- Lindsay

True Life: I'm an Etsy Addict.

{ Friday, July 24, 2009 }
I'm sure none of my readers are complete strangers to Etsy, but, if by unfortunate chance, you are- listen up! Ever get frustrated seeing the same 'ol mediocre, drab clothes around town? Ever wish you could find something handmade, quirky, and chock full 'o personality? Well my friends, it's time you venture on over to, an extensive online emporium of eclectic, handmade and vintage goods, each sold by individual artisans! Here are a few of my latest must-have finds; thankfully today is payday!
The small, totally portable, navy and lime coin purse is too cute! My wallet is somehow always overflowing with change; this will be a cute and convenient place to store my coins. The vintage-looking, brass key and leaf necklace is right up my alley in taste of jewelry. It's simple and versatile; I could wear it with anything from a v-neck tee to my little black dress. Of course, who could possibly say no to Zooey Deschanel hand painted greeting cards, really? Hah! They're flippin' adorable, I love 'em. The pink belted button down is irresistible! I love its embroidered embellishments across the chest, as well as the longer length of the sleeves. If you haven't checked out this addictive online shopping haven, please do yourself a favor and mosey on over. Not to mention, some sellers have their items priced to sell, fast! Etsy allows any modern day girl to find unique, conversation-starter items at prices that won't break your pretty little piggy bank. It's a win-win situation, correct? :)


Your Voice Was The Soundtrack Of My Summer.

{ Wednesday, July 22, 2009 }

I've long outgrown Boys Like Girls, but I've always remained a steadfast fan of that particular line. As the unmistakable magic of summer is slowly fading, I've tried my very best to hold onto it by compiling a well-thought-out playlist of songs that I continually played on repeat for hours on end over the last two months; for your listening pleasure, of course! These are the kind of songs that make me want to slop on some sunscreen, grab my aviators, and hoof it down to the beach. Ready, set, listen:

- "Meat Market"- Everybody Else
- "Where Do We Go?"- Sandrine
- "Young San Francisco"- Boy In Static
- "Fireflies"- Owl City
- "Skipping Stepping Stones"- Castledoor
- "Weightless"- All Time Low
- "Viva La Gloria!"- Green Day
- "Better Together"- Jack Johnson
- "Mr. Pitiful"- Matt Costa
- "The Way We Get By"- Spoon

Happy listening! -Lindsay

I Really Just Can't Get Enough of Atlanta, Can I?

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The verdict? Correct! My family and I ventured up to Atlanta (the second time this week for me, score!) to shop around Atlantic Station and treat ourselves to a delectable dessert at the swanky Sundial Lounge located atop the Weston hotel in the heart of downtown. Unfortunately, Atlantic Station was a bit of a letdown, personally. I loved the hustle and bustle of the upscale, yuppie-infested community, however, I didn't come across a single got-to-have-it item while shopping...not even in H&M! Such a shocking confession to hear from a girl like me, I know.Luckily, I did discover a new coffee and tea hang out, Cafe Nineteen, which was very luxurious and not to mention had efficient service tasty tea!
Our experience at the Sundial was a true adventure, to say the very least. My boyfriend, Leighton, who is deathly afraid of heights, was a complete laugh on the elevator ride all 72 stories up to the lounge. Once we reached our tip-top destination, we took in the great view of Metropolitan Atlanta that the panoramic windows had to offer. Pretty impressive, if you ask me!
While my sister and Leighton gazed out into infinity and beyond, I explored the modern architecture of the lounge. I found the clean lines and wood structures extremely appealing to the eye. I absolutely adore modern art, architecture, decorating...anything clean, simple, and spherical. The greatest aspect of the Sundial though? It rotates!
As we dined and enjoyed our succulent sweets, we were presented with the entire 360 degree view of Atlanta at its best. I ordered cheesecake, drizzled with butterscotch, and topped with fresh, crimson strawberries. Oh, and a side of vanilla bean ice cream. Hey! I had a healthy salad for lunch, you can't blame me for caving into my deep, dark sugar cravings every now and then!
Overall, the trip was a success and a great way to spend a Tuesday in the city! We drove past the High Museum of Art before merging onto the interstate, and I'm determined to go art-gazing before the summer is over! It feels like time is slipping through my fingers like sand; there are so many more things I want to experience before going to school in the fall. I have some catching up to do!


Because Everyone Deserves a Bit of Daily Inspiration, Right?

{ Monday, July 20, 2009 }
On my adventure in Little 5 Points over the weekend, I went into an organic foods mart, which just made me love this little awesome village even more simply by existing, and bought some much-needed green tea (I'm a self-proclaimed addict to the stuff, remember?). To my surprise, there was a quote inscribed under the bottle cap that really struck a chord in me. See if it does the same to you in any way. "Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many." -Unknown.
I'll admit, in the words of Motion City Soundtrack- the future freaks me out. I'm going to college in the fall, taking on new challenges, and holding a lot more responsibility upon my shoulders. I feel like in a way, I've been dreading growing older. This quote inspires me to savor every day I am awarded, bask in the sun of youthfulness, and take what life throws at me as it comes. In many countries around the world, the life expectancy is 40 years old. In America, we're almost guaranteed double that amount, but many of us stop truly living life when troubles knock us down upon our knees. I promise you all; that will never be me.


Rag-O-Rama $1 Finds!

{ Sunday, July 19, 2009 }
As promised, here are the fantastic things I found yesterday while thrifting in Atlanta! Between the rather lackluster duds at the popular Rag-O-Rama, a high-end consignment boutique, I found these gems. Relieved, happy, and tired from sifting through sale racks for over an hour, I came home completely satisfied with my purchases. There is no exact rhyme or reason to what I bought; they're simply pieces that make me happy and will be completely functional with the rest of my ever-growing wardrobe :)
Rag-O-Rama Finds
I brought home a fitted, striped cardigan that will be excellent for the fall! Aside from a small tear near the shoulder, which is totally fixable, it was perfect for me. The chartreuse sundress was a no-brainer; of course I had to have it! For a mere dollar? C'mon folks! The light lavender swing coat instantly reminded me of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. I think it will be perfect for the fall, or even the winter, paired with a simple tee underneath, dark wash skinny jeans, and flats. I was surprised shoes were even on sale, but heck, they were! The black, patent leather, peep toe flats were adorable and calling my name. They're simple and fun, yet dressy enough to wear out at night. Perfect, I say! The salmon-colored tank really appealed to me because of the crochet detailing around the neck. I'm such a sucker for anything with any kind of stitched detailing, really! Lastly, the emerald green checkered scarf! Call them last season, but I still adore these scarves. They're fun, easy to wear, and have enough personality and fringe to keep me content all winter long. I can't wait to sling that sucker around my neck and go play in the autumn leaves!
Rag-O-Rama was undoubtedly a definite success, and I already plan to attend their next semi-annual $1 sale, which I'm guessing will be held this winter. Quite honestly, I can't remember the last time I spent over $10 on a single article of clothing! I hold my head high and I say it with pride...I am a cheapskate! Are you? :)

New Hot Spot Obsession? Little 5 Points, Atlanta.

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Let me just was so incredibly fun! My friend Carrie and I woke up early to meet up with her sister to drive to Atlanta for some good mid-day shopping, lunch, a baseball game, and All-American Rejects free show. Whew, a lot to conquer in all of 12 hours, am I right? Being a newbie to the highly acclaimed Little 5 Points district in Atlanta, I didn't quite know what to expect. Let me just tell you ladies and gentlemen, this is the place to shop! First of all, the overall scene of the area is literally a world of its own. With clever and witty shop titles such as "Criminal Records", a music store which sells vinyl, the eccentric boutiques were right up my alley. Our first stop was Rag-O-Rama, a high-end consignment store which happened to be holding its semi-annual $1 sale. I stocked up, came home with a bag of pre-loved goodies, and only broke a $20. Nice! After dropping into a few more stores like The Junkman's Daughter and and Psycho Sister, we ventured into an organic foods market, which I loved. Everything was health conscious, from the earth, and absolutely delicious. New York City has Greenwich Village; Atlanta has Little 5 Points. This artsy, tucked-away, community of art, music, and unique clothing is the South's answer to the infamous art district of the Northeast. Of course a day's worth of shopping, cheering at the ball field, and singing along at a concert wouldn't possibly be complete without a satisfying dinner of to-die-for sushi. We dined at Ru San's, which offered 3 sushi pieces for a $1. A dollar! Naturally, I had to take advantage of the great deal and sample a few varieties of sushi!The meal hit just the right spot, and I came home exhausted yet happy, excited about the new additions to my closet, and with a full wallet. Expect a post soon detailing all of my great finds from Rag-O-Rama!


Inspired: Zooey Deschanel.

{ Friday, July 17, 2009 }
Who doesn't absolutely adore Zooey these days, anyway? Besides being in radtastic flicks like Elf, Failure to Launch, and my personal favorite, The Go-Getter, she's starring in one of the most anticipated films coming out this month, 500 Days of Summer. Besides the fact that she's an excellent actress with her quick wit and inherent indie flair, she's got an uncannily unique sense of style as well! Zooey's style is all about bright colors, fun sundresses, bold prints, and simply having fun with what she's wearing and making it her own, signature look. I'll admit it, I've been inspired!
I've found myself wearing more and more fun and flirty sundresses, looking for vintage pumps while on my thifting sprees, and pairing together fruity color combinations that I'd never thought of before. Her style seems effortless and fun, and I adore that.
In the past week, I've watched all of her films that I hadn't seen before, and loved each and every one of them. I honestly think we're dealing with one of Hollywood's most underrated actresses here. Not many people in the spotlight stay true to themselves, but Zooey certainly has. From her heartwarming movie roles to her laugh-out-loud talk show interviews, the sarcastic and cunning 29-year-old always stays grounded, humble, and ever-so-witty.
Check here to see when 500 Days of Summer will be opening in a city near you!

I'm a Possible Freshman 15-er, Perhaps?

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A few months back, I was reading the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine which had an article asking upcoming college Freshman to submit introductory videos of themselves to be screened for their "Freshman 15" feature. The magazine follows 15 girls through their first year of college; I thought it sounded pretty realistic and cool. For the heck of it, I submitted my video! Why not, right?
I just got an e-mail back from them, and I'm a finalist! Crazy stuff, I know. My video entry is below, feel free to watch it if you'd like. Of course, being the nerd I am, I threw in my own quirks to the video and added in a Napoleon Dynamite reference at the end. Ohhh, I had to. Here's the Youtube link as well, just in case the video I posted whacks out:

Hopefully I have a decent chance at earning a spot in the 15! It would be crazy cool, not gonna lie one bit on that one. I'll find out from the magazine later this summer, so I'll keep everyone posted :)


Creative Design Spotlight: Dandelion Dance Hand-Crafted Jewelry

{ Wednesday, July 15, 2009 }
My little sister, Sara, is my very best friend. My closest confidant, my biggest source of laughter...and did I mention that she's darn creative? She's been making some of the most unique, intricate necklaces lately and has been wanting to start selling them! When I go on my weekly thrifting sprees, she comes along in search of vintage pieces of jewelry to bring home, deconstruct, and turn into something entirely new and one-of-a-kind. All of her most recent pieces are vintage-inspired and include quirky charms on long chains as well as very simplistic, one-charmed necklaces. My most favorite necklace is the "free bird" piece (pictured above), which is a simple, silver chain with a dainty bird outline pendant. Sara's business name, Dandelion Dance, comes as no surprise to those of us who know and love this happy-go-lucky and eccentric 16 year old.
Want a big of Dandelion Dance hanging around your neck in the near future? Sara will be taking requests/ideas for new pieces for the rest of the summer, so send me a comment or e-mail ( to place your requests. All one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Dandelion Dance pieces are priced from $10-$15 depending on the cost of vintage materials. After placing your request, a price will be quoted for you!

Weekly Adventures at the Thrift Store: Ralph Lauren Edition.

{ Tuesday, July 14, 2009 }
After savoring a delicious lunch of hummus today, my boyfriend called me wanting to hang out and grab a little snack and tea at the local Books a Million. Of course, I had to worm a little detour out of him on the way there! We stopped by my favorite thrift store, The Clothes Less Traveled. After rummaging around for a while, I was let down and disappointed that nothing exactly caught my eye. If I saw one more bent out of shape Abercrombie polo I was going to lose it! About to give up and leave, I started towards the door only to find an adorable, strapless, irrevocably girly Ralph Lauren dress calling my name. Upon trying it on- success! It fit like a glove, only better. The best part about this purchase though? It cost a mere $4. Well, $4.24 counting tax, but still, I've got new Ralph Lauren hanging in my closet for less than the price of a Hanes t-shirt. Photos of me wearing my pride and joy new purchase are above. I paired the soft pink, girly dress with a fitted denim vest and vintage cameo necklace for a laid back, folk-ish feel. Sorry about the quality of the shots, I don't have Photoshop on my new laptop yet; I'm in desperate need of it!
I have no shame about my unrequited love of thrifting. It's my most favorite hobby.
Ever found something so outrageously amazing at a thrift store that you've been dying to tell the world about it? Tell me about it here, in a comment!


What's Fun, Functional, and Green All Over?

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Well...all of this, actually. I think eco-friendly products are so neat; I'm a total junkie for them! Whether it's an organic shea butter lip balm or a recycled notebook for school, I feel compelled to buy them. And of course, the recyclable shopping totes that many retailers are now offering. Who can say no to those little landfill savers? All of these great, earth-friendly products are already in my possession (and being absolutely adored!) or on my wish list.
I stumbled upon the recycled notebook set ( while snooping through Walmart recently. I was initially surprised to see that the mega-retailer carried such cool, consumer savvy products. I was very impressed, to say the least! Being a self-confessed green tea aficionado, I just had to include my all-time favorite pick, Good Earth's Organic Green Tea( With it's rich flavor and delicious aroma, this is some of the best tea your mug will ever get to hang out with. Have a hard time coming to terms with slopping animal by-products all over your pretty face? Same here. That's why I turn to Physician's Formula Organic Wear ( and Victoria's Secret ( cosmetics to rest assured that everything I use to glam up with only comes from our great Earth! As if the store itself isn't fabulous enough, fashion-forward retailer Forever 21 ( is now offering their own spin on a reusable shopping tote! Each tote sports a cute, eco-friendly saying and with each one costing only $1.50, you'd better stock up on these bad boys! Why not add a pair of vegan sandals to your wardrobe along with those new totes, hm? Simple Shoes ( offers plenty of stylish options ranging from casual flats, to summer sandals, to sneakers; all of which are offered in vegan and recycled varieties.
So get out there; go green in style!

It's Time To Wake Up and Smell the Coffee! Or Good Tea, if You're Like Me...

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Is it just me, or is Starbucks becoming slightly, maybe, possibly, dare I say it...overrated? Actually, let me back up for a second. I'm a recovering 'Bucks addict. Between this unrelenting, hot Georgia weather and the simple fact that it's summer, I've been downing on average 2 or 3 venti iced green teas per week. Oh, the confession.
Lately I've been thinking, why not give the friendly, non-monopolizing coffee shop around the corner a chance for once? So, this afternoon my boyfriend and I did. After doing a bit of online research, I decided that "It's a Grind" ( coffee house would be the destination for my green tea fix. The quaint little cafe was wonderful, the prices were much more fair, and most importantly I wasn't greeted with a, "would you like to try a tall mochachocawhatever today?" Success!
So, I'm presenting you all with a challenge: step outside of your corporately owned caffeine fix, and into the realm of a cozy coffee shop.
If I can do it, you sure as heck can. Raise your insulated mugs high in the air and say it with me: "yes we can!" If you stepped up to the plate and ditched the 'Bucks for a day, leave a comment :)

Hey You- Listen Up! Civalias Wants You To, You Know.

{ Monday, July 13, 2009 }
Want to know what's currently playing on repeat in my '97 Honda Accord to and fro work this week? This dude, 23 year-old Adam Stidham. Stidham's solo music project, Civalias, hails from the notorious North Hollywood. His EP, "You. Me. We" is outstanding in more ways than one. Besides the clever and cunning lyrics, every song is unique and well-written while still remaining consistent with the overall feel of the album. At first I thought, "Hey! This sounds like Chris Martin-meets-new Bright Eyes-meets Matt Costa". But Civalias certainly holds his own, and has made a name for himself. He even wormed the EP into the hands of John Mayer. Crazy, right? Keep your eyes and ears open, big things are on the rise for this California kid.
What's even better? His entire EP is streaming on Purevolume, along with a free download of "We've Got Company", my personal favorite of his tracks. Go give him a listen, and download!
If you dig him like I do, maybe you'll even venture to buy the EP in its entirety on iTunes. It's only $3.99 folks, c'mon!


Confession: I Love Back to School Shopping More Than I Humanly Should.

{ Sunday, July 12, 2009 }
Ah, -sigh of relief-. Admitting your problem is the first step to recovery, right? Thankfully I haven't been doing as much shopping for the fall as my friends have. I'm living at home for the first two years of my college life, and I'm not even that upset about it. Who'd be upset about saving $20,000, right? Anyway, I went shopping for some school supplies today and had the best time. There's just something about new pencils and spiral notebooks that makes me smile, hah! And of course, my fall wardrobe is slowly, but surely, coming together. So, here's a little collage of what mid-August has in store for me. I'm. Pumped.
I wish I could say I was bringing home that adorable puppy, but it's just wishful thinking! I know I'll be living off of green tea for those all-nighter study sessions, there's no denying it. Obviously, the I-just-rolled-out-bed-and-I'm-coming-to-class-this-way look isn't exactly my idea of college wear. I love the idea of high waisted skirts that are still wearable for the fall. Pair one with a simple tee and a bright, fitted cardigan and you're good to go! I just recently found those black moccasins for $10. Excuse me, but I have to say it...score!
I'm in love with my new Dell laptop. It's honestly comparable to a Mac, which is supposedly the God of all computers. Eh, who knows.


Flick Pick: The Go-Getter

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I stumbled upon this indie gem in a local pawn shop. Yes, I am a total wimp and was scared to go into the pawn shop, but I'm so glad I did. Tons of DVDs lined the walls, too many rows deep to even see what all was there. Each one, only $2 each. Score! This one jumped out at me immediately.
I've got to be honest. At first, I was very skeptical of this film. Like many movies that turn out to be phenomenal, The Go-Getter started out slow and mysterious. I had to hang onto every minute detail and word to figure out why Mercer, the lead character, had planned his "road trip". After stealing Kate's (Zooey Deschanel) car to embark on his journey, Mercer gets a call from her, on her own cell phone which was left in the car, asking him why he stole the car. Throughout his trip, he receives numerous calls from Kate, only to find himself becoming more and more attached to her. It was a quirky and unconventional type of love story, one that is a fresh breath of air compared to the other predictable, romantic comedies that are somehow breaking the box office. Not to mention, the soundtrack was also wonderful and featured M. Ward.
Do yourself a favor and make an effort to find and watch this movie. It'll leave you smiling and remembering that love is always there when you least expect it.

I've Got a Mission. Wanna Hear the Statement?

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Hello! I'm Lindsay. I'm 18 years young, and I've decided I should have a blog. A blog that I actually stick with, something consistent and reliable. Something that others can relate to, laugh along with, and enjoy on a daily basis. I'll be a college Freshman this fall, and I think right now is the perfect time to start my blogging adventure. I'm going to be entering a new stage of my life, and an important one at that.
I don't want this to be a conventional blog. I want this to be a blog for people, real people, who just like me feel too full of life to express it all at once. This is the blog for those who will spend hours rummaging through a thrift store, just for that one unique find. This is the blog for those of us whose minds are constantly revolving, thinking of new ideas, wanting to take the whole world on and make a change but there simply aren't enough hours in a day. In a week. In a lifetime.
I want this to be a place to connect with others and leave a mark on their lives in some positive way.
Anything that interests me, I'll post. Great reads, my latest musical obsessions, fashion, and quite attractive men. Good causes I'm for, yummy tea, and ways to get involved. Even the little silly things that simply make me smile. I want to be a writer for a magazine, or at least be involved with a magazine as my career, so why not start here by connecting with the rest of the world?
So. This is my mission statement. Ya dig?

- Lindsay