Twitter, Much?

{ Wednesday, December 30, 2009 }
To be or not to be followed, that is indeed the question. I've had my trusty Twitter account for over a year, and have yet to reach 100 followers! What gives? Let's change that, blog friends. Follow me at! I'd love to get to know some of you blogging pros better :)

The End Of An(other) Era

{ Tuesday, December 29, 2009 }
While riding around and goofing off in the car with my friend Carrie this week, New Year's Eve plans were inevitably discussed. Suddenly, I became overwhelmed by the fact that yet another decade has slipped us by. Ten years is a big deal, and the fact that each and every one of them flew by at an astonishing rate amazes and frightens me simultaneously. I feel as though time is sand slipping through my fingers, impossible to fully grasp. Heck, I'm on the far edge of my teens already. Where has all the time gone? Upon reflecting, I've recollected the most memorable events of the last decade that have molded me into the young woman I am today. You ready for the rundown, folks?

- The untimely death of my Pekingese, Andie. I learned to cope with grief and heal my wounds after her loss.
- I learned to skate, which became a big time hobby and calorie burner!
- I had my first "real" boyfriend in 9th grade, a total disaster nonetheless, but a learning experience.
- The First Kiss, which of course transpired during a impromptu Spin The Bottle session in middle school, sigh.
- Learning true compassion and kindness through my favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. Coley.
- Realizing that my love of reading and writing could actually influence my career path.
- Finding a sense of belonging and happiness in the midst of a singing crowd at concerts. Nothing will ever compare to it.
- Learning in 10th grade that words are merely words, and the sweet-talkers never really stick around for the long haul.
- Finding one of my best friends due to out mutual love of a band. It doesn't happen every day, but when it does it's awesome.
- Learning to never seek something "better" when the what you have is golden.
- Realizing after 18 years that when I'm sad, alone, or feeling like a downright terrible person, God's love washes all the negativity away.

Though big and small, those events alone have changed me greatly over the last decade. Obviously I've matured since being 8 at the start of the new millennium, but if not for those occurrences I'd be an entirely different person. So now for those darned resolutions for 2010? I'm vowing to keep it simple and only stick to four this year, with one notably more significant than the others:

1.) Aim to make all A's next semester, and put together my writing portfolio.
2.) Complete the story I'm currently writing.
3.) Remain consistent with my Bible study, and strive to live a better, more gracious life.

What are all of your resolutions, hopes, and dreams for the next decade to come? I'd love to hear them! I hope everyone has a safe and fulfilling New Year!


Deck the Halls With Boughs of Blogging!

{ Sunday, December 20, 2009 }
I know that title is insanely cheesy, but honestly? I couldn't help myself. Although I've been on my wonderful, month-long Christmas break (yes, that's right, I called it Christmas break, not "holiday," ugh) for the past week, it's been nearly as busy and stressful as when school is in session. What gives, right? However, I've finally completed the bulk of my transfer applications for college next year! The odds of me getting into my dream school are immensely in my favor, so needless to say I cannot wait to send off my application to GCSU!
Although this unforgiving, wintry weather has kept me down in the dumps lately, there was one saving grace that instantly lifted my spirits this week: the Warped Tour '10 line up announcement! Yes, the tour won't hit my beloved Atlanta until mid-July, but that doesn't hinder me from being utterly excited. Click the banner below to check out the dates and bands playing Warped this year to see if a few of your favorites are on board.
Vans Warped Tour
Although there are only a few must-see bands playing my date this year (Closure in Moscow, Sum 41, and The Rocket Summer) the entire atmosphere and energy of the day is too fun to pass up.
While on the topic of music, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've emailed a couple of up-and-coming bands to interview for the blog! If you're into indie rock, be on the lookout for a few Q&A's with on-the-rise musicians in the near future. Please comment or email me with bands you would love to see featured on the blog; I'm very open to suggestions!
Now for your free jams of the week:

Although I'm not a fan of every song on this play list, Zeus's "Marching Through Your Head" is catchy enough to make these picks worthwhile! The song's Billy Joel-esque melodies are just great. Don't believe me? Download and listen for yourself :)


Music Elitist Statement of the Day:

{ Saturday, December 12, 2009 }
Don't people who genuinely believe that just irk you? If you're anything like me, your hand is undoubtedly raised at the moment.
The journalistic portion of my mind has been reeling lately, however, and I'm pondering the idea of conducting interviews with small and upcoming bands for this blog. I published a short Q&A with one of my favorite bands, Flying Machines, over the summer on my blog and the response was wonderful.
So, to all my faithful followers: does this idea sound appealing to you? I'd love to hear your input and musical tastes!

Thrift-tastic Monday Finds!

{ Monday, December 7, 2009 }
I'm taking a brief, not to mention much needed, break from studying for finals to share my thrifting find from today. Although the store was a tad picked over and had more summer items than winter or fall, I found this simplistic little staple among the racks. I love the blouse's texture and the quirky ruffles down the front. Even though I have tons of black in my wardrobe, I have nothing similar to this, which made me extremely satisfied for the day! Besides the shirt, I pick up Jem's album Finally Woken and The Fray's How to Save a Life; for a dollar each! Not to mention I also snagged Stephen King's thriller, Desperation, for a buck as well. It looks like my Christmas break is bound to be full of good reads and new music :)
-Shirt- Clothes Less Traveled ($3, yes I know!)
-Belt- Borrowed from my mom, vintage.
-Silver necklace- Urban Outfitters
-Bracelet- Vintage

Oh, Urban Outfitters. Stop Being So Good To Us.

{ }
That's right, it's Music Monday over at Urban Outfitters once again, and I thought I'd spread the goodness!

I love their free weekly music, which is almost always right up my alley, taste-wise. From this week's picks, I especially like Surfer Blood's boppy "Swim," although the entire sampler is enjoyable.
I already feel so accomplished today! Since I don't have class due to finals starting tomorrow, I've already studied a bit, gotten the next 1,000 words of my short story written, and written this blog. Not to mention, stumbled upon some pretty great music. Mondays aren't so bad after all, now are they?
I'm going out and about with my mom later, which should be fun. I'm stopping by the library to pick up some new Stephen King to read. I've never had the guts to crack open Pet Semetary, but I think it's about time to. Hah! I'm stopping by Clothes Less Traveled after that, since they have bargain sales on Monday. I have a feeling this is going to be a great week, and I hope the same happens for all of you :)


By George, I Think I've Got It!

{ }
The writing bug, that is. Upon finishing Stephen King's utterly amazing book On Writing, I've been itching to get something, anything, down on paper. After I took a few minutes to unwind from work and clear my head of the intense studying I took part in tonight, I got to typing. Approximately 1001 words later, I can say I'm very satisfied with the grassroots of a story that has a lot of potential. According to King, I should strive for 1,000 words a day, everyday. With my month-long break coming up, I don't see any obstacles between me and my trusty laptop.
Also according to King, I should be actively reading as well. Thank goodness I've already got a gameplan for this Christmas break of mine, wouldn't want it to go to waste :)


Let's Play Catch Up, Shall We?

{ Saturday, December 5, 2009 }
Confession? I've missed my darling little blogger pals! With my first round of finals coming up next week, I've been stressed to the hilt. Luckily, I've decided this entire weekend belongs to me and me only. My quest for the perfect GPA this semester has really been weighing on me. Intense studying has only left me feeling more stressed and anxious, not confident. So, I'm here to take a break! One of my most favorite things to do while relaxing and having "me time" is reading. Although some despise reading and view it as anything but pleasurable, I can't get enough. I've been thumbing through Stephen King's On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, and find it insanely insightful and witty. I've found his commentary on the rules of grammar and plot structure of fiction very helpful and interesting. To any aspiring writer reading this: get your little mitts on a copy of this gem!

With my month-long Christmas Break coming up in less than a week, my great friend Carrie and I have been planning some exciting shopping trips! One of which is to a vintage and secondhand clothing store in Atlanta called Clothing By The Pound. Basically, the store functions exactly how it sounds. You search the racks for what you like, your finds are weighed at the register, and you pay an affordable, set price per pound of gently used duds. I cannot wait! My love of thrifting is so immense that I decided to put together an outfit entirely composed of thrifted or handmade items. The result?

Unfortunately, my fish eye lens failed me once again and cut out my sweet, patent leather, peep toe flats, sigh. However, for the parts of my ensemble you can see:

-Striped cardigan- Rag-O-Rama, Atlanta
-Yellow shirt with over sized buttons- Clothes Less Traveled
-Black, high-waisted pencil skirt- Clothes Less Traveled
-Yellow skinny belt- Wellspring Thrift
-Black scarf- Handmade, by mom :)
-The evading shoes- Rag-O-Rama, Atlanta

Needless to say, there will be an in-depth thrifting review after our trip to Clothing By The Pound!
Lately, I've fallen in love again with my iPod. For some odd reason, I've reverted back to listening to the bands I adored during my junior year of high school. Why junior year? The world may never know. However, I've decided to share the little band collage I have on my wall, which will undoubtedly come along with me when I move into a dorm next fall.

Fortunately, my musical taste hasn't strayed far from what it was a little over two years ago. I still love Motion City Soundtrack and Say Anything. I once interviewed the twin brothers, Jake and Jeff Turner, of Say Anything for my high school's newspaper since they were alumni. Just a little informational aside there :) It's also crazy to think of how some of these bands have grown since I compiled this little mecca of mine. For starters, Cobra Starship has completely and utterly blown up. It's surreal to go from seeing them in a small crowd to hearing them routinely played every hour and a half on a major radio station. I'm happy for Gabe 'n the gang, in a bittersweet way. Between the Trees has also gained a fair amount of popularity, although they're still fairly indie, in my opinion. The first time I saw them, the band was fresh out of high school. Now they've been played on MTVU and the sky's the limit :)

Alright, enough with my musical ranting! I could honestly go on for hours on end. I hope all my sweet readers have a wonderful weekend, and an even better week ahead of them. Update me on your lives, will you?


Thoughts Meander Like A Restless Wind Inside A Letterbox...

{ Sunday, November 22, 2009 }
Lately I've been having Beatlesmania. Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that I'm about, oh, 40 years catching the bandwagon. However, they're simply timeless. After watching Across The Universe this weekend, I've come to two very true conclusions: For starters, Jim Sturgess- or "Jude," if you'd prefer- is insanely gorgeous. Second, hearing "Here Comes The Sun" will forever crack a smile on my face. As a matter of fact, all of this Beatles-listening and Across The Universe-watching has sparked a bit of unexpected style inspiration within me. The free-flowing, bohemian styles shown towards the end of the film challenged me to put together a free-spirited ensemble of my own. The result?

My fish eye lens decided to be difficult today, note the slight blurriness. Anyhow, I plan on wearing this for my two year anniversary dinner with my boyfriend next month! Planning ahead is oh-so much fun, especially when it has to do with outfits. Am I right?

Dress- Target, my beloved
Vest- Thrifted
Boots- Shoe Land, my new go-to stop for kicks!
Pearls- Borrowed from my Grandmother 3 years ago, hm...
Bangle- Vintage
Headband- Wet Seal

Expect more outfits posts soon; the cooler weather opens many new closet doors and possibilities :)


Free Music...Sunday? Oh Jeez. November 15, 2009.

{ Sunday, November 15, 2009 }
Alright boys and girls, I'm late big-time on this one! Between building my writing portfolio, being assigned impromptu shifts at work, and facing massive reading assignments I am finally here, doing what I love. Ahem, one side note before I administer your weekly dose of ear-candy: I'm currently reading On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King and it's absolutely captivating. I recommend it for any serious writer or fan of King's work; it'll change your outlook on writing and literature forever. Now, onto those hand-picked freebies!
I don't know about you, but this chilly pre-winter weather is bringing me down. All of today's downloads remind me of the summer; something I would play while driving with all the windows down. How do they make you feel?

1.) Anarbor- "You and I (acoustic)"

I saw these guys live in September with The Almost, and they were so much fun! Anarbor's upbeat, power pop-infused songs are undeniably catchy carefree.
Download "You and I (acoustic)"

2.) Amber Oak- "Turn of SeasonsIronic title, no? The singer of Amber Oak sounds hauntingly similar to Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat, a definite plus!

3.) The Pica Beats- "Summer Cutting Kale" I honestly don't believe I'll ever be able to satisfy my constant need for soothing indie-rock.
However, The Pica Beats will hold me over...for a while, at least!

Once again, you may have to create a free account to access these downloads. However, it takes little to no time. So, are you ready to kick back and relax with a pina colada in one hand and your iPod in the other? Enjoy, happy followers! :)

Free Write'n Up A Storm.

{ Monday, November 9, 2009 }

An Untitled Aspiration
© Lindsay S.
November 9, 2009

Footsteps beyond the door.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
You distinguish your father’s slow, thoughtful trod.
Your mother’s overbearing, deliberate march.
Your sister’s careful, timid waltz over eggshells-turned-landmines.
Always pacing.
Never in-sync.

You wonder where you fall into the monotonous menagerie.
Where your footsteps fall beyond closed doors.
Why your mother’s always worried.
Why your dad is never quite right.
Why your sister hides herself away.
Always pacing.
Never happy.

What will it be like when you’re gone.
Will your stride lengthen and set you free,
Or will silent shackles set in.
You stretch your legs, put on your shoes,
Stare at the door.
Always pacing.
Never ready.

This is your life.
These are your dreams.
Although they may come after you, you run.
Run for the bright lights that may blind you or serve as your spotlight.
Always pacing.
Never looking back.

Photo credit: Jason Nunez/Flickr


Free Download Friday! November 6, 2009.

{ Friday, November 6, 2009 }
Ah, it's the most promising day of the week once again, isn't it? I just realized that I didn't post any free music last Friday; my apologies! This past week has been full of school, stress, and intensive study sessions. However, my week was possibly made yesterday afternoon when my English teacher stopped me on my way out of class and broke the wonderful news that she wrote a recommendation for me to enroll in Honors English for next semester. I'm incredibly excited; the rigorous writing has paid off. Not to mention the news undoubtedly boosted my literary confidence just a smidgen!
Anyhow, here are my top 3 music selections for this week. They're all happily filed away on my iPod :)

1.) Jonas Sees In Color- "Loose Threads"I'll admit, I've heard about Jonas Sees In Color for some time now, but never actually given them a listen! Thankfully, I did today and was completely stunned. I'm a sucker for any song with piano-playing, which makes "Loose Threads" particularly great.
Download "Loose Threads"

2.) The Swell Season- "In These Arms"A beautiful, soothing song with even greater lyrics. If you've seen the movie Once, you'll know why this duo is completely unstoppable.
Download "In These Arms"

3.) Tegan and Sara- "Hell"

The talented twin sisters are back with a new single, which I can't stop listening to! I don't know if it's the boppy guitar beat or the lively lyrics, but something about "Hell" is quite endearing.
Download "Hell"

I found all of these MP3 selections on To download, you may be required to create an Amazon user account. No need to be discouraged, though! It's quick, easy, and pain free. You'll be on the route to musical bliss in no time.


Music Supresses A Manic Monday, No?

{ Monday, November 2, 2009 }
I'm home, in my safe haven of a bed, finally. After waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning, completing my 50 minute commute to school, and trekking to and fro across campus to sit through unusually dull classes, I'm finally down for the day feeling entirely accomplished. What better way to unwind than with some nice, new music? Today Urban Outfitters unveiled their newest blog feature, Music Mondays, which offers 5 free downloads of underground and unsigned artists for anyone like myself who is on a constant conquest for new tunes, or simply needs a little pep in the start of their week. Check out the track listing for this week:
Memory Tapes- Green Knight
Larytta- Promises
The Polyamorous Affair- New York City
Toro Y Moi- Blessa
Via Tania- Wonder Stranger
I was immediately a fan of The Polyamorous Affair's electronic beats and chilling vocals; be sure to listen and find a favorite for yourself! To download, simply visit UO's blog, click the poster, and save the file onto your computer. After that, sit back, relax, and give your ears the attention they deserve!

Oh Halloween, How I Love You So.

{ Sunday, November 1, 2009 }
As of 11 p.m on October 29, I had absolutely no plans for Halloween weekend. None, zilch, nada. Luckily, all of that changed when I called into Atlanta's popular radio station, Star 94, and won my way into a costume party which Cartel was playing. Score! Psst, a little-known fact about me: I'm basically a pro at winning radio contests. Don't ask me how, but I do believe concert-going luck is on my side seeing as I've been lucky enough to win tickets to six shows in the past few years. Anyhow, the party was at The Loft, an awesome and incredibly chill venue that had several lounge areas and a stage free of those bothersome barricades. In the midst of a sea consisting of cheap polyester, fishnets, and scantily clad underage girls, there was me- the mystical flying unicorn.
My quest towards creating the perfect Halloween ensemble began in August, when I found a unicorn hat at my favorite thrift store for a mere $5. Needless to say, it was possibly the best $5 I have ever spent. Throughout the night I even had several people come up to me asking for their picture with "The Unicorn."
By the time Georgia natives Cartel took the stage, the crowd was thoroughly inebriated (excluding myself, of course) and ready to rock. Upon taking the stage, each member of the band donned a presidential mask, my favorite being President Obama. Where else would you catch him headbanging on the guitar, hm? By the middle of their set, Cartel front man Will Pugh was persuaded into wearing a full-fledged banana suit, which he wore proudly. Cartel's setlist was chock full of some of my favorites like "Matter of Time" and "Burn This City"; undoubtedly oldies but goodies. Be sure to experience the infectious pop-rock melodies for yourself on their newest album Cycles, which was released last week!
P.S- Thanks to my wonderful friend Carrie who gets credit for taking all of these photos!

The Art of Music-Hunting!

{ Tuesday, October 27, 2009 }
Recently, many of my blog readers and friends have asked me how in the world I find so much free and completely legal music to stash away on my iPod. Yes, I was once an illegal downloading fiend. Once I started going to more shows and talking to independent musicians though, my conscience started to kick in- big time. So, how do you go about finding these radtastic free tunes? The answer in the most simplest of terms is that I've scrounged around the internet for hours on end over the last couple of years and stumbled upon a few outstanding music hosting sites. The key to finding free legal downloads is taking the time to search; seek and you shall find! However, since I love all of you oh so very much, I'll post the music sites that I visit daily to discover great new music and to keep my iTunes library well-stocked.

I began frequenting Purevolume during my sophomore year of high school. The site has evolved so much since that time; it's wonderful! Once you've accessed the site, click the "Top Downloads" tab on the homepage. Although not all songs located there will be free, the majority of them will be. Of course the free songs will be the most downloaded; who'd turn that down?

I've said it once and I'll say it again; I love! Being my personal favorite of all music sites, it's extremely innovative and quite fun! Although you have to sign up for an account to access the downloads, it's quick, painless, and sends you on your way to musical heaven immediately. Like Purevolume, not all downloads are free but a vast majority of them certainly are.

3.) offers one to two free downloads as a sample of each album they have for sale on their site. A great incentive to buy the full album, no? I've actually found free music from great bands on Insound, like Fruit Bats, Portugal The Man, and The Raveonettes. Win! With literally thousands of songs to choose from, Insound offers the most diverse selection of music. They even have a handy little search bar on the homepage to make your MP3 searching adventure a little less daunting and, dare I say it, intimidating.

So, there you have it! The complete list of my beloved music-hunting sites that I visit religiously. Although I use these sites the most often, I won't neglect to include a few other sites that regularly offer a great selection of free music if you're willing to search for it:,,
Happy hunting!


Bittersweet October: "Autumn Is A Second Spring Where Every Leaf Is A Flower"

{ Sunday, October 25, 2009 }
With the russet leaves falling like a constant downpour and reminder that fall is here, I thought what better way to spend a Sunday than outdoors? My boyfriend Leighton and I woke up early (a rare feat for me, especially!) and ventured on over to our favorite local nature trail. It was so breathtaking today with the slight breeze and cloudless skies; perfection. I was tinkering around on FFFFOUND! (yes, I'm obsessed!) later on this afternoon and found this illustration, with a message that completely described my day, which reads "our love will conquer this forest."

The remainder of our heart to heart with nature consisted of laughing, nearly getting lost, attempting to arabesque across water, and random picture taking. All the little ingredients that make for a wonderfully fulfilling day.


There Ain't No Party Like a Plastic Party!

{ Saturday, October 24, 2009 }
Thanks to the lovely online chitchat obsession known as Twitter, I stumbled upon Plastic Party Clothing this week. Their fun-loving, hipster designs are great; I had to share! With tees that feature snarky phrases to throwback sunglasses, Plastic Party is the embodiment of fun!

This is my personal favorite from the collection, which states "find yourself." A small message, but an important one.
Are you too legit, too legit to quit?

Like their quirky and fun designs? Check out all that Plastic Party has to offer in their online store here , or become a follower of their awesome blog here! There you will find out about sales, recent happenings, and get a taste of the bands that love wearing Plastic Party.

Free Download Friday! October 23, 2009.

{ Friday, October 23, 2009 }
It's that time again! I cannot believe how quickly this past week has flown by; it'll be Halloween be for we know it! For this week's picks, I decided to switch things up a bit with downloads that feature female vocalists. Enjoy!
1.) Mates of State- "My Only Offer"
Ahem. I love Mates of State! I first discovered "My Only Offer" about a year ago when American Eagle regularly posted free music downloads on their website. I instantly fell in love with their great vocals and beautiful piano-playing.
"My Only Offer" MP3

2.) The Swimmers- "A Hundred Hearts"The Swimmers are a fairly new indie rock quartet, with their first EP being released in 2008. However, they're definitely on the rise and extremely promising! Check out "A Hundred Hearts", which is featured on their new album People Are Soft which drops on November 3.
"A Hundred Hearts" MP3

3.) Via Audio- "Developing Active People""Developing Active People" is a mellow, soothing song that I listen to whenever I've had a stressful day. It does just the trick to settle my nerves and make my day that much better!
"Developing Active People" MP3

Have a wonderfully music-filled day :) -Lindsay

Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities

{ Tuesday, October 20, 2009 }
I recently bought the highly-acclaimed and controversial book Pledged, and upon reading it, felt absolutely compelled to share the wealth of first-hand information the daring, page-turning narrative brought to the table. Author Alexandra Robbins spent a year undercover with four sorority girls to pen Pledged, with the result being alarmingly eye-opening and insightful. With all names and sorority chapters being re-named to protect those who were followed and the college from exploitation, Robbins paints a vivid image of Sabrina, Amy, Caitlin, and Vicki's lives in the "Alpha Rho" and "Beta Pi" sorority houses. From Vicki's habit of rarely waking up in her own bed, Caitlin's date rape and ever-present hostility toward her boyfriend, to Amy's inability to hold a steady boyfriend and Sabrina's secret relationship with her English professor, I had to constantly stop to remind myself that Pledged was no soap opera; it was life in the raw.

Between each chapter, Robbins supported her observations with concrete evidence and background research of the dark side of Greek life. Sorority sisters admitted to abusing illegal drugs, drinking to the point of passing out, and using secret test files kept for cheating to achieve the grades they desired.

"Test files are a part of the benefits of being Greek," a Kappa Kappa Gamma at Texas
Christian University has said. "After all, we pay to be Greek."

The most alarming parts of the narrative, in my opinion, were those describing annual hazing and initiation rituals during the pledge period. Girls were publicly humiliated, forced to commit lewd sex acts, asked to consume large amounts of alcohol, and physically abused by older sorority sisters, all for the purpose of being accepted by their peers.

"Pledges of Kappa Kappa Gamma at DePaw University were strongly encouraged to drink alcohol at a fraternity party and then taken to a room full of sorority sisters who held them down despite their screams, pulled their jeans down to expose their hips, and branded them with a lit cigarette."

Pledged was absolutely impossible to stop reading until I was at the bottom of the very last page. I felt as though I had been submerged into a secret world of popularity that I'd never taken much notice to before. Being a freshman at a local community college, Greek life is not available on my school's campus; therefore, I've had no first-hand exposure to it. Pledged gave me insight into sororities, and I feel I will make a more well-informed decision upon whether to rush or not next fall when I transfer to a larger, 4-year state university to complete my major. I want to get involved in a good community service program and develop close and lasting friendships, which is a widely-known attribute of Greek life. I yearn to remain open-minded about the Greek system, although I have my hesitations. I know that the morals and ethics of sororities vary by chapter, and no two chapters are alike. Some girls feel that their decision to pledge gained them the best friends of their life, while others regret taking the plunge into the sisterhood. As my close friend and Kappa Delta sister once told me, "I've made some wonderful friends, but some are just plain jerks."


Free Download Friday! October 16, 2009.

{ Friday, October 16, 2009 }
So, I've decided that since my regular followers on here are totally awesome, you guys deserve something in return for being so sweet and dedicated about reading and giving feedback on my blog! That's where Free Download Friday comes in. From here on out, I'll upload 3 completely free, 100% legal, and undeniably kickin' MP3s of my choice, every Friday. Drum roll, please? I present you with my first 3 picks:

1.) Roman Candle- "They Say"
This song basically made me want to go for a drive with the top down. I don't even own a convertible. Will it do the same to you?

2.) The Raveonettes- "Last Dance"I'll admit, I'm usually not a fan of musical acts with a female singer. I can't explain why, but I just...don't. However, The Raveonettes are one of the few exceptions. "Last Dance" is a song that simply makes me happy, and is a track off of their newest album In and Out of Control.
"Last Dance" MP3

3.) Noah and the Whale- "Blue Skies (Remix)"

I love, love, love remixes! Name a good song; I'll most likely have the remix of it stashed away on my iPod. "Blue Skies" is especially great remixed, hopefully you'll agree!
"Blue Skies (Remix)" MP3

You can find all of these great songs, along with many others, uploaded at Paste Magazine's website, here.
Happy downloading! :)


So, What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

{ }
Every blue moon I find a band I'm completely, wholeheartedly into. I recently celebrated my 7-year anniversary of loving none other than Maroon 5! Their jazz-infused, sexy pop-rock is something I can listen to everyday and never get tired of. Did I mention that their front man, Adam Levine, is practically perfect? Not many men dress exquisitely well these days but, in my opinion, Mr. Levine is a definite exception. Honestly, who else could pull off a simple v-neck, plain white tee and jeans combo better than this? I've never been a fan of tattoos, but they fit into his overall persona perfectly. I cannot tell you fellow bloggers how many times I have pleaded with, begged, and practically bribed my boyfriend of 2 years to ditch his over-worn t-shirt, shorts, and flip flop combo. Alas, he will not budge. While onstage and at events, Levine channels his more sophisticated, European-influenced side. Who else could look this polished in only a vest and scarf, hm? Alright, that's it. I'm done with my little rant over Adam's superior taste in clothing. It's just such a pleasant surprise to stumble upon a guy who actually dresses well and shows a genuine interest in fashion who is heterosexual, hah!
Be sure to check out Maroon 5 on their upcoming college tour this fall! Unfortunately, they won't be playing anywhere remotely near where I go to college, upsetting.

November 2009 Tour Dates
2 - Murray, KY - Murray State University
3 - Louisville, KY - Bellarmine University
6 - Rochester, NY - Rochester Instititute of Technology
8 - Ithaca, NY - Cornell University
10 - Blacksburg, VA - Virginia Tech University
12 - Fairfield, CT - Sacred Heart University
14 - Lewisburg, PA - Bucknell University
16 - Newark, DE - University of Delaware
18 - Peoria, IL - Bradley University
21 - San Angelo, TX - Angelo State University
22 - Wichita, KS - Wichita State University

Roomspiration? Check.

{ Monday, October 12, 2009 }
Confession: I haven't entirely re-decorated my room since the 4th grade. That's right, 10 long years of being surrounded by the same vivid pink walls and cheesy gingham throw pillows. Right now, more than ever, is time for me to give things the switcharoo! So, some new ideas for the renovation of my humble little abode? See for yourselves, fellow blog pals.
If I haven't made myself entirely obvious enough in my decorating tastes, I'll most likely stick with Target, Urban Outfitters, and thrift marts to find the exact items I hope to liven up my former surroundings with. I love bold, eccentric prints and subdued hues. I cannot wait until this long overdue transformation is complete :)

"To be simple is to be great" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Every now and again I'll stumble upon a statement, quote, or phrase that moves me. As for today, I found this little bit of inspiration on FFFFOUND.COM, my newest online addiction. Being new to college and its many academic hurdles to jump, I've found myself comparing my smarts and strengths to others' and feeling as though I've fallen short. My constant conquest for that 4.0 GPA, the pinnacle of perfection, is getting the best of me. This simplistic yet monumental statement, "others are great, but you can be greater" has moved me to vow to stop comparing myself, to stop stressing, to just live. I'll aim to please myself. I'll aim to be great.

If Life Was A Movie...

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Recently I've been having insanely vivid dreams. Dreams that depict specific locations, times, and events in my life. Did I also mention that they include an entirely random subconscious soundtrack? Indeed, they do. Upon waking up and rolling out of my comfy bed this morning, I was inspired to build upon that soundtrack and create one that would fit perfectly into a movie of my average, everyday life. The result? An irrevocably infectious and quirky mix tape I concocted this afternoon: Track listing:
1.) I'm Alive!- Sunbears!
2.) Crooked Teeth- Death Cab For Cutie
3.) We've Got Company- Civalias
4.) Dumpster Diving- Castledoor
5.) Flathead- The Fratellis
6.) The Coldest Heart- The Classic Crime
7.) Chasing Pavements- Adele
8.) Flaming Arrows- Jupiter One
9.) 1901- Phoenix

Fortunately, after hours of scouring the internet, I compiled the entire play list that is up to listen here; it's pretty rewarding and dance-worthy :)

Whip It...Whip It, Good?

{ Saturday, October 3, 2009 }
Being the utterly self-confessed Ellen Page fan that I am, I went to the Whip It premier last night! I'd been anxiously anticipating the release of this film ever since I'd heard Drew Barrymore was directing it. Plus, the added bonus of some retro-inspired, throwback, down and dirty roller derby. I mean, c'mon, how could the film not be good? Needless to say, essentially all of my expectations were met, and then some. Plus, I went home with a free Whip It tee shirt, score!
Page's performance as Bliss, the Texan native trying to break out of her southern bell, debutant-infested hometown, is remarkable. Bliss' forbidden love of roller derby seems to be her one saving grace from her mother's expectations and insanity in a deadbeat town. Her meek and mild persona evolves into a sense of self-righteousness confidence by the end of the movie, which is incredibly empowering.
I found myself identifying and sympathizing with Bliss, whose mother was hard-nosed and hell-bent on molding her daughter into her personal ideal, a pageant queen. She looked down upon her daughter's adoration of roller derby, love of independent music, and tendency to don combat boots rather than stilettos. Although my mother has never attempted to force me into a ballgown, she has nonetheless criticized me for my interests and aspirations.
Eventually, Bliss and her mother come to a mutual understanding and acceptance of one another, something that I'm still anxiously crossing my fingers for. I loved this movie, not only for the excellent cast, but for the realism. Bliss could very well have been any average 17-year-old, yearning for an outlet of expression and acceptance. The relationships depicted in the film are so real and raw, yet leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world, one roller rink at a time.
"Be your own hero."

Home Remedy For a Dreary Day? Thrifting, Of Course!

{ Saturday, September 19, 2009 }
I woke up this morning to the sound of rain hissing outside, all of my hopes of jogging utterly dashed. But what's a tad better than getting my weekly dose of cardio exercise? A spontaneous venture over to the local thrift shop! After my last few visits ending up with me leaving empty-handed, today's trip completely made up for the past disappointments.
Upon my arrival, my eyes quickly sought out the most adorable sundress of, quite possibly, all time. Alarms practically went off in my head screaming, "Zooey Deschanel-esque dress, hello!" and thankfully I grabbed that sucker off the rack before anyone could get their mitts on it. Did I mention the cute little frock only cost me a whopping $6?
After that, I found a delightful, yellow, swing top with big buttons adorning it's front. I have nothing in my closet similar to that color, so I bought it to expand my wardrobe into a full-out color spectrum. Lastly, my mom surprised me and ordered me an adorable owl necklace! It came in the mail today, and I honestly felt like Christmas had come 3 months early! To say the least, rainy days must have their perks sometime, eh? :)


"Cause' You Are the Brightest Star...and I'm Lost Without Your Love": Between The Trees

{ Saturday, September 5, 2009 }
Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the indie rock band Between the Trees. My friends and I have been lucky enough to see them play in our hometown 4 times over the last 3 years, and it has been incredible to watch them grow more and more talented as musicians. It's crazy watching a band evolve from a few guys fresh out of high school, to a successful group of full-fledged musicians. Luckily for us, Between the Trees decided to kick off their fall tour in our town this past Thursday! The band was promoting their brand new album, Spain, and put on a wonderful show. Some of you might be familiar with their songs "The Way She Feels" and "White Lines and Red Lights", which were popular singles from their debut album, The Story and the Song. Overall, the night was full of sing-a-longs, endearing lyrics, and all around happiness. The following day, I found out that Between the Trees had won the mtvU Freshmen contest they had been vying for, which would earn them full video rotation on the channel of their video for "We Can Try". I'm so proud of them! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the video this week, or check it out here:
- Lindsay